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On March in the last year (2018), one of the largest online video download platform, KeepVid, announced its shut down and removed its online video download service, leaving the site to be an information page. Surprisingly, in the early of 2019, KeepVid brings its services back with more functional online tools, including the online tool kits and desktop applications, enabling itself to get back to the market with a high speed and attract more users.

The one-set online video tools provided by KeepVid can greatly help users to fulfill lots of different tasks, such as video/audio compression, local video/audio conversion, online video download services. The applications provided by KeepVid can even perform better, but a drawback of them refers to that certain storage space of your device would be occupied.

On KeepVid official site, you can switch to the online downloader for converting and downloading online videos from various video sites, including YouTube. However, KeepVid online downloader doesn't support for searching online videos for online streaming directly. It only supports to download the online videos through URL.

Y2Mate VS KeepVid

Y2Mate KeepVid
YouTube video download Correct Correct
Music video download Correct Correct
Video sites Mistake Correct
MP3 converter Correct Correct
Mobile app version Correct Correct
Free of charge Correct Correct
Fast conversion speed Correct Correct
Ads-free Mistake Correct
Free news and resources Correct Mistake

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