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QDownloader (BitDownloader)

If you have ever tried to get the online video resources offline for more convenient and flexible playback, a reliable online video downloader is the basic to help fulfill this task. YouTubNow, a free and simple-designed online YouTube converter & downloader, has performed greatly to help millions of users get their favorite YouTube videos offline in the past year.

With the embedded search engine on YouTubNow, users can get to the video database of YouTube even without opening YouTube platform. After reaching to the result you want to save offline, just hit the "Download" button and you can save the video without limitations. There are multiple output formats available for users to choose to download the YouTube videos, including MP4, MP3, M4A, and WEBM.

The quality of the downloaded YouTube videos is also guaranteed by YouTubNow. Users can choose high quality for saving the videos from the quality pull-down menu after YouTubNow analyzes it. For videos, the quality ranging from lower 144p to the highest 1080p; for audios, the high 128kbps and 256kbps are both free for selecting.

Y2Mate VS Qdownloader (BitDownloader)

Y2Mate BitDownloader (QDownloader)
YouTube download Correct Correct
Music video download Correct Mistake
Video sites Mistake Correct
MP3 converter Correct Mistake
Mobile app version Correct Mistake
Free of charge Correct Correct
Fast conversion speed Correct Correct
Ads-free Mistake Correct
Free news and resources Mistake Mistake

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